What is expected of me?

Our annual giving commitment represents an
act of worship in which we thank God for our
blessings and acknowledge that everything
we have is a gift from God. The Bible teaches
us to give a tithe or the first ten percent of
what we earn to God and God’s work.

For some, the giving of the tenth is a goal you
growing toward each year. For others, it is
the starting point, and you will give far in excess
of this.  

If you are not yet tithing, consider taking a step
toward the tithe this year. Determine your giving
proportion to your income. What percentage will
you give? Then set a percentage that you can
increase each year until you reach the
tithing goal.

We don’t tell you how much you should give,
but our hope is that you are working toward the
biblical tithe of ten percent. If you aren’t there yet,
we hope that you will commit a percentage of your
income for 2012 and then increase the amount as you are able in the future until you reach the tithe.

The process of prayerfully asking God to
guide your decision and then making a
commitment with your financial gifts is an
act of worship, an expression of gratitude
and praise to God. In addition, on a more
practical note, your commitments allow
our church to budget and better plan for
our ministries in the coming year.
How can I give my tithes and offerings
to Camphor?
•On On Line -- you may use PayPal to make
one-time payments from a debit or credit
card or authorize fund transfers either from

your PayPal account.
Weekly Worship Offerings -
Giving during the worship offering time is an
act of thanksgiving and worship. Envelopes
are provided in the seat backs for you to place in the 
offering in plate, or use the offertory time  
to simply ask God to bless and use your gifts.
Mail to the Church
Gifts may be mailed to:
Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church
585 Fuller Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Don’t let your inability to give at this time
keep you from participating and serving
in church. Remember that God honors
your faithfulness and that your acceptance
is not based upon your capacity to give.

If you are experiencing financial hardship,
be sure to let our pastoral staff know of
your situation so that they can pray for
and support you. You can contact our
pastors at  651 224-0341.
We also offer a variety of support ministries 
and groups, financial classes and coaching
to assist you through this time. For information, call the church office at  651 224-0341.
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