- Camphor’s mission is: To make disciples of Jesus Christ by:

     - Enhancing personal spiritual growth and fostering joint fellowship with people

     - Showing love and concern for others, inviting all persons into a saving relationship

               - Giving and being in service with and to the community, all done in the spirit of Christ.
  ~ What gives shape to our mission?  Why do we do what we do?
               - To invite people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to those who are 
                    sometimes the “least of these.

               - To expand God’s presence in the world and to widen the reach of God

               - To help bring hurting people into a place of hope and healing

               - To be a good neighbor and a Christian model to people around us

               - To equip and nurture people so that they can live into God’s purpose

Camphor Memorial recognizes that certain actions could impede our ability to achieve God's
purpose and vision for this church. We, therefore, state that Camphor Memorial shall not: pursue
ministry which is contrary to its purpose; fail to be good stewards of its financial and non-financial
resources; engage in things that are in opposition to the spirit and intent of the United Methodist
Book of Discipline; stray from biblical scriptures and stop discerning God's vision for Camphor


The following areas of ministry constitute the main ways of accomplishing our purpose and vision.
They are the historic elements of the church's mission: Worship, Evangelism, Service, Discipleship

and Fellowship. First, our aim is to glorify God in worship; second, is to introduce people to Jesus

Christ outreach and witness; third, is to help poeople of all ages to become deeply committed

Christians through ministries of discipleship; fourth, is to build caring relationships and foster mutual
ministry among the people of God through genuine Christian fellowship;and fifth, to train, eqiup,
and inspire people to live out their faith as becons of light and hope beyond the four walls of the
building to theworld through ministries of service and mission.

PROMISE ~ What can Camphor’s community always trust or expect from us?

- Affirm all people as God’s people

- Behave like we are God’s people

- Love people when they least expect it and least deserve it

- Go the extra mile

- Value the potential of people

- Value the power of hope

- Display good stewardship 

PRINCIPLES ~ What values will guide our decision making?

- Prayer

- Integrity

- Respect

- Generosity of Spirit

- Inclusiveness ~ Diversity

- Living by the Word of God

- Serve with Compassion